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10 September 2016

VS Swim 2016: Jasmine Tookes (1)

Gorgeous American model Jasmine Tookes wearing Victoria's Secret swimwear from the 2016 Swim Collection. I had to stop and take notice of these photos because often on the Victoria's Secret website these photos are not viewable after the product becomes sold out. Not very many online catalog model photos catch my eye especially in this modern world where often half the model's face is cut off. These photos of Jasmine stood out to me because I just could not stop staring at her smooth, velvety, dark skin of the perfect chocolate hue. Yes, yummy delicious for sure!

The world is slowly changing and embracing black American beauty more and more. Victoria's Secret has made major strides this year to try to offer a more balance aesthetic to their Angel line-up. Jasmine Tookes is a current VS Angel. She is actually a black American model who resembles a few women that I know. Not a black model from Africa or a mixed model from Brazil ... but an actual black American model who shares my own similar ancestry ... the real deal. Well, well, well now.

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