The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for 2018 returned to New York City! Goddess Adriana Lima started her VS Runway career in this fabulous city and also decided to end her career here as well. She retired gracefully during this annual procession. We will truly miss her! Change is truly in the air and I still remain a fan of this brand that I have followed for so many years. Image Source :: Victoria's Secret Media Kit

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Model Lineup


08 February 2019

VS Valentine's Day Lingerie: Elsa Hosk (2)

Swedish model Elsa Hosk looks simply adorable in the Victoria's Secret V-Day promo pics wearing both casual Valentine's Day looks as well as very sexy lingerie looks. Young women love flouncing around in flirty, comfy boudoir pieces and mature ladies always desire to drape their bodies in negligees that are delicate, ultra-feminine and a bit daring. Victoria's Secret has got all categories covered for Valentine's Day and as always is keeping it classy!

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06 February 2019

VS Valentine's Day Lingerie: Elsa Hosk (1)

Victoria's Secret is remaining fresh in the industry by putting a definite spin on Valentine's Day this season in the era of female empowerment just as they did last year. Women right now in the year 2019 are making great strides in politics, in business, in education, in science, in finance and have a very strong voice demanding equality. As a woman, I am definitely excited about today's shifting attitude towards women in the United States which will inevitably impact women world-wide.

Well, when it comes to romance, things have changed a bit primarily because women are providing not only for themselves but for their families as well. The majority of the women that I know are breadwinners of their households and want to treat themselves for Valentine's Day instead of being consistently disappointed on this special day by what their significant other (if they have one) did not get for them or do for them. Personally, I have had very few (if any) memorable Valentine's Day moments that I did not solely create for myself.

Ladies, it is okay to treat yourself and pamper yourself for love of self first! Victoria's Secret gets it by designating February 14th as a "#VDayMeDay" which places more emphasis on love of self as opposed to waiting for that fabulous guy to surprise you with a romantic treat on this day. Seems like chivalry is dead, ladies (just keeping it real), so make this Valentine's Day all about YOU treating YOU with something special ... a new flirty fragrance, sheer baby-doll lingerie, sexy heels, fine jewelry, gourmet chocolates ... yes, go ahead make it a day for love of self in 2019!

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11 January 2019

2018 Victoria Sport: Jasmine Tookes (2)

2018 Victoria Sport: Jasmine Tookes (2)

The popularity of female boxing is currently at its highest level ever now that it is an olympic sport. (Yes!) Victoria's Secret loves highlighting this cool sport continually in advertising and marketing their sassy athletic apparel.

I know that former Victoria Secret Angel Adriana Lima incorporated boxing into her workout routine. It wouldn't surprise me if the younger angels also exercise in this way. Jasmine Tookes is featured in many photo sessions with boxing as a theme. But she is also photographed with weightlifting, cycling, jogging and yoga as exercise themes as well. It would be nice to see Jasmine modeling (more) for the VS Swim line but disappointingly they completely stopped selling swimsuits even in their VS Pink line.

Swimming is also a sport and seems to me that it should be an exercise theme for their sports apparel and the associated swimwear and swim accessories should also be added back. I know swimwear leans into another world of sexuality but if done from an athletic angle, it can be quite cute and sporty while respecting innocence. Besides, what is wrong with a little sex appeal! Need I remind you that swimming is also an olympic sport.

C'mon Victoria Secret! Bring VS Swim back by adding it to your Victoria Sport line. Brilliant concept for sure!

2018 Victoria Sport: Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver

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07 January 2019

2018 Victoria Sport: Jasmine Tookes (1)

First there was VSX Sport .... then that became VS Sport ... and now Victoria Sport! How many times must you re-brand a segment of a brand? Well, with all of the re-branding of Victoria's Secret's workout apparel, it makes one wonder about the importance of selling athletic clothing to women. Obviously it is a very important segment of the main brand reflecting a major shift in overall fashion apparel for women.

Personally, I wear workout attire when I go shopping and flipping through the city running errands (not just when I exercise). If I do not have to "dress up" for an occasion or event, I like to throw on what is comfortable while showing off my sexy, cool edge without trying too hard.

Jasmine Tookes is one of the main models Victoria Secret uses to promote it's athletic attire competing directly with 'Nike For Women'. She fits in well with this segment of the brand since she has a very nice slim, athletic physical frame. She looks relaxed and chic wearing the clothing from Victoria Sport.

2018 Victoria Sport: Jasmine Tookes

2018 Victoria Sport: Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver

2018 Victoria Sport: Romee Strijd,
Jasmine Tookes and Elsa Hosk

2018 Victoria Sport: Stella Maxwell, Jasmine Tookes,
Elsa Hosk, Martha Hunt, and Romee Strijd

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