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31 December 2015

2015 SI Swimsuit: Chanel Iman (2)

I love featuring Chanel Iman on my blogs because not only does she have a look that many women can identify with, but she has that fabulous personality that just pulls you in closer. I have followed the career of Chanel Iman for quite some time now and have seen her blossom into an elegant, well-spoken young lady. There is something so attractive about the way that she speaks. I have mentioned this before but as she has matured and has gained more knowledge and insight, her communication ability has also been elevated.

The beauty of a woman is not just external; it is a combination of feminine grace, vibrant personality, great communication ability, above-average intelligence, creativity, talent and good moral character. Chanel Iman displays all of these charming traits. It is no wonder that she is featured for a second time in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for 2015.

Being a former Victoria's Secret Angel, she brings added interest to the sports swimsuit pictorial with her large fan following stemming from her early career Teen Vogue cover and editorial feature alongside British model Jourdan Dunn. I know that I will probably never see her again on the Victoria's Secret runway (neither her nor Jourdan Dunn for that matter!) but I will love to see her again ... and again grace the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine. Perhaps fellow Teen Vogue model mate, Jourdan Dunn, should follow suit ... literally!

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"I was really excited to get the phone call again from Sports Illustrated because I had such a great shoot the first time."

~Chanel Iman

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"I've always wanted to do a shot in the middle of the road because I always felt it would just be badass."

~Chanel Iman

2015 SI Swimsuit: Chanel Iman (1)

Chanel Iman was lensed for the "Natural Beauty" segment of 2015 SI Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue at the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park in Monument Valley, Utah capturing the American West in a traditionally desert climate. She was photographed by James Macari wearing swimsuits and jewelry by:

  ♥    TeenyB Bikini Couture

  ♥    Buju Jewelry

  ♥    San Lorenzo Bikinis

  ♥    Indie Soul

  ♥    Lila Nikole Collection

  ♥    Maui Girl

  ♥    Vanda Catucci

  ♥    Acacia Swimwear

  ♥    Luli Fama

  ♥    Maaji

  ♥    Ola Vida

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"I'm just hoping that some of my images will look timeless and that people will get inspired off of my images."

~Chanel Iman

23 December 2015

Karlie, a G I R L Just Like the Rest of Us

Featured Contributing Writer: F I D E L E of G I R L


Model of Focus: Karlie Kloss


“Karlie, a G I R L Just Like the Rest of Us”
by F I D E L E
December 23, 2015

What do you think is the most important?
  ♥   Opportunity
  ♥   Determination
  ♥   Hope?
"I am a great believer in luck, the harder I work the more I have of it."

~Karlie Kloss

I can tell you about Karlie Kloss but no one will do it better than "Klossy" herself. She is vibrant, down-to-earth, most honest G I R L you can relate to in the crazy world of fashion business. She is personally one year older than I am. Though our lives are tremendously different, I can relate to her, the way she naturally giggles, loves to bake, loves boxing, veggie lasagna and staying at home with her parents watching a movie, and most importantly she is not afraid to be herself. Now more than ever with her new channel on YouTube, she is unleashing her real self.

"Today, with all these platforms, you have a virtual persona—and I think it’s important, at least to me, that virtual persona, how somebody might perceive me just by looking at my online content that I’ve created. I hope that they actually get a feel for who I truly am."

~Karlie Kloss

Introduction to Karlie's life:

After you watch this video you realize that she is just a normal G I R L, like the rest of us. If she can do it so can you! She is just like the rest of us girls, open around her family and shy in public. You must have experienced that as a teenager; some of us still do in awkward situations. However, dance helped her get over the fear of performing and realizing that she did the best to prepare for the big moment. What I am trying to say is that you're allowed to dream and you never know when the world can be watching you, waiting for your every move and I think that it is great to take advantage of. Her voice to help others with a chance of happiness, just like she did with two girls from the Make a Wish foundation … they asked for a wish and Karlie went out of her way to make their wish come true! It really is moving, even more so for young people that have been through a lot. It makes you think, good things can happen, we just need to be kinder people.

“It’s really been interesting as a model to find my voice, and share my perspective and my point of view, as I had this really extraordinary insight into the industry. . . . It’s been really fun to watch and be a part of this change, especially as fashion has adapted to it."

~Karlie Kloss

When Karlie was asked to describe herself on her YouTube Channel, she picked these three adjectives:


And of course you're wondering, what does she think about while walking the runway like the diva she is? Her answer was again very honest. She just focuses on not doing anything idiotic.

What has Karlie learned in her past 23 years?

  ♥    When you have the time, "facetime" your family.
  ♥    Hard work pays off.
  ♥    Take time for yourself ... if you're late, make sure you have baked goodies.
  ♥    Not everyone is gonna like you and that's okay.
  ♥    Someone calls you a giraffe!! that's okay too.
  ♥    Blondes!! seem to have more fun.
  ♥    Coffee is a gift from the heavens.
  ♥    Failings are okay, as long as you learn from your mistakes.
  ♥    Wear colorful things, life is too short to wear black.
  ♥    When you have the chance, hold a baby.
  ♥    Every now and then step out of your comfort zone, it makes you grow.
  ♥    Choose happiness.
  ♥    Choose sleep.
  ♥    When in doubt, "blue steel it out."
  ♥    Always have you body full of chocolate.
  ♥    An emoji says a thousand words.
  ♥    The best accessory is a smile or a newspaper.
  ♥    Always let the person with the longest arm take the selfie (usually me).
  ♥    You're never too old to call mom for help.
  ♥    Coding is the language of the future.
  ♥    Make sure you're alarm is set to am not pm (I’ve made that mistake).
  ♥    When people subscribe to my YouTube Channel it makes me happy. :)
  ♥    The last thing I've learned is that I have a lot more to learn.

The thing is, we ALL have a lot more to learn and yeah some of us have more calories to burn. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t love yourself the way you are!

Karlie is a G I R L. You are a G I R L. We are ALL beautiful girls … naturally!


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20 December 2015

Get to Know Victoria's Secret Angel Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill is currently the youngest model to hold the title of "Victoria's Secret Angel." Several models walk the VS runway as well as are featured in the VS catalog and on the VS website, but only a select few actually earn "Angel" status. Usually a model would have to work for at least a couple of years for the brand, but pretty much as soon as Taylor Hill began working for them, she was quickly crowned "Angel" at only 19 years of age.

Victoria's Secret must really believe in her ... very rare to make such a quick decision in regards to a new model. Still pondering why this particular model from Denver, Colorado and not some of the others from more exotic parts of the world. She is American and does actually have an exotic look about herself as if she is from some other country. Perhaps she has mixed ancestry like so many of us here in America. She actually looks a lot like Portuguese model Sara Sampaio in some of her photos.

Oh well, can't really figure her out so let's just wish her much success. Just the association with Victoria's Secret is sure to propel her career much further than she could ever dream of. As a Victoria's Secret Angel, she is guaranteed a three year contract filled with advertising and promotional features gaining beautiful exposure and invaluable recognition.

Congratulations, Taylor Hill! Keep shining and enjoy the ride!

28 November 2015

VS Santa Baby: Candice Swanepoel

VS Santa Baby: Candice Swanepoel

Cutout Lace Corset :: Very Sexy :: Victoria's Secret
V-string Panty :: Very Sexy :: Victoria's Secret

Pom-pom Bralette :: Very Sexy :: Victoria's Secret
Skirted V-string Panty :: Very Sexy :: Victoria's Secret

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