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22 January 2023

2018 VSFS: Elsa Hosk (Flights of Fancy Segment)

2018 VSFS: Elsa Hosk
(Flights of Fancy Segment)

Swedish model Elsa Hosk (the day after her 30th birthday) wears the $1 million dollar Fantasy Bra designed by Atelier Swarovski for the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. She is a former professional basketball player and an advocate in support of the anti-human trafficking organization, FAIR Girls. Apparently, she was so motivated by the movie "Whistleblower" that she was stirred to participatory action. The movie directly tackled the subject of sex and human trafficking.

Interestinly enough, when Victoria's Secret adorned Elsa Hosk with the highest honor of wearing the VS Fantasy Bra specfiically for the final fashion show, given her advocacy, the lingerie brand seemed to also be denouncing the bubbling scandals surrounding the sexual fantasy world as depicted by Victoria's Secret. On the surface, it currently seems as if Victoria's Secrt is just going through some re-branding to keep up with this new modern world of empowered women influenced by the #MeToo Movement and the #TimesUp Movement. But there are several deeper, far-reaching scandals here. After watching the HULU documentary entitled "Victoria's Secret: Angels and Demons," I have become more aware of what the underlying issues are that continue to plague the brand: an intricate underworld of inappropriate sexual conduct victimizing young women and under-aged girls in association with the mega-lingerie brand spearheaded by the billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein, a recently convicted sex offender whos supposedly killed himself while incarcerated. SEE :: HULU VS Documentary (JULY 2022)

It is so sad that the world of sexual fantasy and retail allure cannot be enjoyed by women and men with the highest level of respect, integrity, and dignity without the interference of those with lower standards and ill intentions. I wish the best for the future of Victoria's Secret. I am hoping that they can bounce back without giving up too much of their original appeal. This world is not where it needs to be as far as appreciating the beauty of women in a healthy way and perhaps never will be. Those of us who fully understand and are intensely bothered by the sexual dysfunction that exists in this world as it relates specifically to young women and developing girls must do our part to push toward a better world and get involved in advocacy in much the way Elsa Hosk has chosen to do.

Do not be a part of the problem. Instead, be a part of the solution!

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