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26 August 2012

VSFS 2011: Miranda Kerr ("Ballet")

My, oh my! Another Victoria's Secret "lost a shoe" moment ... but this time it is with Miranda Kerr! She closes the first segment of the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show wearing the cutest prom queen lingerie outfit adorned with a fancy crown. Unfortunately, the straps of her shoe begin to unravel right as she exits the stage. I suppose it is better to have a fashion mishap while you are exiting the runway as opposed to when you are entering. C'mon Victoria's Secret! Secure those shoes ... my goodness!

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VSFS 2011: Erin Heatherton (Club PINK! Segment)

American model Erin Heatherton opens the 2011 Victoria's Secret Club Pink Segment. Nicki Minaj dancing and playing with her as she walked down the runway seemed a bit spontaneous and Erin kept her cool throughout the crazy live performance of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass." Very different yet quite entertaining. Cute outfit on Erin! Seems as if they cropped the VS sequined hooded sweatshirt to make it extra adorable (and a tad bit more sexy) for the runway show. And the Victoria's Secret pink leopard-print bikini top peaking out from underneath the hoodie is fitted to perfection.

VSFS 2011: Club Pink Segment

VSFS 2011 Fitting: Erin Heatherton

23 August 2012

VSFS 2006: Adriana Lima ("Come Fly With Me")

When the opening model just seconds before the start of the segment warns you repeatedly that her shoe is not secure, you'd better fasten it or you might be in for a faux pas on the runway. Such is the case when supermodel Karolina Kurkova in perfect step to the lyrical significance of the music, literally high stepped it right on out of her shoe as she opened the "Come Fly With Me" segment of the 2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. She still had a fabulous runway walk and in moments like this it is all about how you react to a problem as opposed to the problem itself.

Sexy bombshell Adriana Lima closed the segment with such fun vibrancy. Her personality shined bright and resulted in a fabulous segment closing. Her raincoat outfit as part of a flight attendant theme was simply adorable as well as all of the outfits in this segment. By the time Adriana Lima walks out behind Gisele Bundchen and her slamming aviation-inspired costume, you forget about the slight awkward "lost a shoe" moment in the opening of the segment.

VSFS 2006: Adriana Lima ("Come Fly With Me")

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