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28 March 2012

VS Swim 2012: Arlenis Sosa

Dominican model Arlenis Sosa Pena is beautifully featured in this month's Victoria Secret catalog on several pages wearing both ladies apparel and lingerie. I received the catalog just a few days ago with my recent online purchase from Victoria's Secret. I was quite surprised because I was expecting to see more of Lais Ribeiro and Gracie Carvalho as the Black models featured. Instead, I saw several pages filled with beautiful photos of Arlenis Sosa! I have always liked her fashion modeling work and she looks fabulous for Victoria's Secret.

To see Arlenis Sosa also featured in the Victoria's Secret Swim 2012 video and accompanying marketing photos is a delicious "cherry on top" especially since she did not walk in the most recent Victoria's Secret fashion show. In fact, the last time she walked in the VS fashion show was in 2008 and the one outfit they gave her to wear was not that great.

Victoria's Secret seems to sway the direction of who they want to highlight quite frequently especially when it comes to giving exposure to the Black models. I remember when they heavily highlighted Emanuela, then Gracie, then Chanel, then Lais and now Arlenis seems to be the Black model that Victoria's Secret is heavily promoting for the summer season. I caught a glimpse of Gracie Carvalho in the first half of the VS Swim 2012 commercial and saw lots of Arlenis Sosa in the second half of the commercial. Nice treat. But where is Lais Ribeiro?

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VS Swim 2012: Arlenis Sosa

(Cintia Dicker, Arlenis Sosa, and Maryna Linchuk in Playa del Carmen, Mexico)

18 March 2012

Lais Ribeiro for Victoria's Secret

I started noticing Lais Ribeiro when she walked in the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion show. She has a similar look to Emanuela de Paula and Gracie Carvalho who are both Afro-mixed Brazilians just like Lais. She has an unusually long torso that works in her favor to give her that slight edge that sets her apart a bit. Neither Gracie nor Emanuela are VS Angels but rumor has it that Lais is being heavily considered for the title ... and rightfully so!

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