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17 November 2013

Adriana Lima for VSX Sport 2013

It is time once again for the airing of the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I have been offline for a bit but I have managed to quickly find out that Taylor Swift will be performing. Ok ... that's different. She has a couple of hot singles out right now so I suppose she is a satisfactory choice. Anxious to see who else is performing. I also have managed to find out that Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro is back on the runway. Love her! She missed the annual event last year due to an ankle injury supposedly.

The few photos that have leaked of the show (which has been taped but will not be aired until Tuesday, December 10, at 9 p.m. CST on CBS) have shown the models on the runway in tip-top shape. Of course, can't wait to see Adriana Lima in all of her glory.

Fierce diva Adriana has confessed over the years that she takes the annual lingerie show so seriously that she has gone on liquid diets in the past to prepare. She also stays in good physical shape year round by enjoying her favorite sport - boxing! She loves boxing and I love this sport for her especially since women's boxing is now included in the world Olympics.

Adriana Lima keeps her workouts interesting by incorporating vigorous boxing maneuvers. She warms up by doing a series of jump rope exercises. It is such a fabulous idea to exercise in this way and Adriana Lima looks so cool doing it. The end result = super fine!

It is wonderful to see how well Victoria's Secret embraces this part of Adriana by showing her in real athletic looks for their VSX sports apparel line for women. A sexy lingerie brand that now includes trendy workout fashions.

Adriana Lima for VSX Sport 2013
Adriana Lima :: Victoria's Secret Angel
by divashyne featuring VICTORIA SPORT

08 August 2013

VSFS 2012: Adriana Lima (Angels in Bloom)

It is always intriguing to see a brunette with natural blue eyes. However, more than her physical attributes, the magic of Adriana Lima has a lot to do with how accepting she seems to be of all types of people and situations.

She is extremely attractive and does not try to pretend to be flawless. She has admitted to not feeling so secure about her less than perfect teeth and talks openly about how she has to work at keeping fit and trim for Victoria's Secret especially now that she is a mother of two. She has a wonderful personality and just seems like a ton of fun to be around.

Love Adriana Lima! She rocks!

Backstage with Jasmine Tookes

02 August 2013

VSFS 2012: Shanina Shaik (Angels in Bloom)

Australian model Shanina Shaik is of Lithuanian and Pakistinian descent. She first walked in the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and then walked again for the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. She has a very exotic look and is actually dating supermodel Tyson Beckford. She has done some catalog work for Victoria's Secret and is off to a promising modeling career. She has gorgeous eyes and a nice figure. Hope to see her again on the VS runway for 2013!

Chumming it up with mega-supermodel Adriana Lima backstage before the Angels in Bloom Segment.

26 July 2013

VSFS 2012: Jasmine Tookes & Shanina Shaik (Backstage)

You really get to see which Victoria's Secret models are true friends by reviewing the runway backstage photos. Some of these photos are taken by the models' personal camera phones and really help capture some genuine friendship moments between some of the models. Many photos were taken of American model Jasmine Tookes with Australian model Shanina Shaik backstage which is usually an indication that these two models not only work together but have a genuine camaraderie.

Friendships are precious when they are genuine especially between two women since jealousy, insecurities and envy often prevent such friendships from flourishing. To be a successful Victoria's Secret model, one must not let jealousy and envy control them and must always maintain a high level of self-confidence. You may not always be the prettiest, the smartest or the most popular in the room. Without confidence, feelings become fragile and a sense of defeat begins to show in every gesture and movement the model makes.

Successful models believe in themselves no matter what the situation is and understand what their unique gifts are. Two models with a high level of self-confidence create magical bonds when they "click" and it is a beautiful thing to capture and witness. Both Jasmine and Shanina exude confidence and I loved seeing them walk in the 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show as well as seeing them photographed together and separately backstage.

Unfortunately, female friendships can be disheartening. As I have learned over the years, female camaraderie is best when the love and adoration is reciprocated evenly and fairly. Many females continue in one-sided relationships with not only female friends but also female relatives because they don't take the time to see that the love and adoration is not being returned on the same level or at the same pace. Paying attention to this imbalance early in the relationship can save many women from heartache and grief. It is one thing to be heart-broken over a guy that cheated on you (you will get over it) ... but it is an entirely different devastation to love a sister, female relative or a female friend who does not return the love back (very difficult to get over). The sooner you are able to ascertain the difference between a real friend versus one that is just stringing you along or perhaps smiling in your face and talking behind your back, the better off you will be. Nobody wants to be made a fool of.

VSFS 2012: Jasmine Tookes & Shanina Shaik (Backstage)

14 July 2013

VSFS 2012: Jasmine Tookes (Angels in Bloom)

VSFS 2012: Jasmine Tookes (Angels in Bloom)

African American model Jasmine Tookes is a nice addition to the sexy group of Victoria's Secret runway models. I have never seen this model before, but I bet that I will be seeing a lot more of her after her spectacular runway moment in the Angels in Bloom segment of the 2012 Victoria's Secret runway show.

Her outfit was absolutely adorable and a perfect look for her. She is super pretty with a nice dark complexion that we just don't see often in the world of Victoria's Secret models.

Chanel Iman replacement possibly ... uhm, perhaps! And I am loving it!