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20 December 2015

Get to Know Victoria's Secret Angel Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill is currently the youngest model to hold the title of "Victoria's Secret Angel." Several models walk the VS runway as well as are featured in the VS catalog and on the VS website, but only a select few actually earn "Angel" status. Usually a model would have to work for at least a couple of years for the brand, but pretty much as soon as Taylor Hill began working for them, she was quickly crowned "Angel" at only 19 years of age.

Victoria's Secret must really believe in her ... very rare to make such a quick decision in regards to a new model. Still pondering why this particular model from Denver, Colorado and not some of the others from more exotic parts of the world. She is American and does actually have an exotic look about herself as if she is from some other country. Perhaps she has mixed ancestry like so many of us here in America. She actually looks a lot like Portuguese model Sara Sampaio in some of her photos.

Oh well, can't really figure her out so let's just wish her much success. Just the association with Victoria's Secret is sure to propel her career much further than she could ever dream of. As a Victoria's Secret Angel, she is guaranteed a three year contract filled with advertising and promotional features gaining beautiful exposure and invaluable recognition.

Congratulations, Taylor Hill! Keep shining and enjoy the ride!