The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was held for the first time in London on December 2, 2014. The super fit models gleefully strutted down the runway at the Earl's Court Exhibition Centre in front of an audience of 3,000 who were all dressed in black-tie attire for the event. History was truly made with this lingerie extravaganza because soon thereafter the exhibition centre was demolished. The event touched the hearts of many and will remain as a cherished Victoria's Secret runway show location forever.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Model Lineup

26 January 2012

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels® Beauty Tips: Erin Heatherton

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels® Beauty Tips: Erin Heatherton

25 January 2012

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels® Commercial: Lais Ribeiro

Seeing Lais Ribeiro featured in the Victoria's Secret 2011 Holiday Dream Angels commercial is quite nice and refreshing. It seems that whenever Victoria's Secret decides to promote a model, they do it full speed ahead. It is still a bit shocking to me how they just as quickly decide to no longer highlight a model just the same. Oh well, I suppose you win some and you lose some ... and Lais Ribeiro is a nice winning addition to the angel lineup this year. She does not hold the official angel title yet, but at the rate that she is being promoted (right next to Miranda Kerr, Lindsay Ellingson, Erin Heatherton, Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel) I am pretty confident that her future angel title will be given to her soon.

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels® Commercial: Lais Ribeiro

(Source of Images: Madoff Productions)

Lais Ribeiro wearing Dream Angel bra for Victoria's Secret catalog:

.: all u need is your own imagination :.

19 January 2012

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels® Promo (1): Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel looks fabulous in the VS 2011 Holiday Dream Angels Commercial. She looks particularly alluring in the professionally finished promotional photos where she was selected as the main model to do print advertising for the Dream Angels fragrance by Victoria's Secret in conjuction with same-themed television commercial. The VS 2011 Holiday Dream Angels 30-second commercial features Candice, Adriana, Lais, Lindsay and Erin. Out of the 5 Victoria's Secret angels/models featured in the VS Dream Angels commercial, only Candice was extensively (and pretty much exclusively) photographed for the addtional promotional photos advertising the Dream Angels fragrance. The other models were photographed for the Dream Angels bra. Candice's modeling career is sizzling hot right now and by looking at this spread of VS photos we all know the reason why! Candice Swanepoel drips with sex appeal and truly stands out from the other angels currently.

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels® Promo: Candice Swanepoel (1)

.:that's why I love u:.

11 January 2012

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels® Commercial: Adriana Lima

Video Stills of Adriana Lima in the Victoria's Secret Dream Angels® Commercial NOV 2011 Commercial Filmed in Prague, Czech Republic



(Source of Images: Madoff Productions)

(Photo above is a screenshot of the VS 2010 Holiday Angels Forever commercial which is very similar to the look that Adriana wears for the VS 2011 Holiday Dream Angels commercial.)

08 January 2012