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05 July 2012

VSFS 2011 "Super Angels" Segment: Joan Smalls

I have never been big on comic book characters but I do find the "Super Angels" Segment of the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show to be quite a unique runway show. Kanye West performs his 2007 hit "Stronger" and introduces the song and the segment informing the audience that he was supposed to perform this hit song at the 2007 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show but had to decline because of his mother passing away during this same year. He dedicated this live performance to his superhero, his mother, who he now states is his superangel gesturing upward to the skies above.

Joan Smalls looks especially fit, toned and sexy in her space-age astronautish "Captain America" inspired costume. (I guess!) Not 100% sure if this is the superhero the costume designer had in mind for her outfit but she looks superfly in this superhero/superangel costume. Nice look ... and nice inflatable attached wings that she inflates mid-walkway using a lever/gadget of some sort attached to the costume. Brilliant and so much fun! Joan Smalls showing you her modeling versatility by pulling off a sexy vixen look for the 2011 Victoria's Secret "Super Angels" Segment.