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31 December 2011

VSFS 2011: Chanel Iman (Club PINK! Segment)

For the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Chanel Iman looked so happy and at ease on the runway. She always seems so bright and upbeat during her walk for the VS Pink segments. This year for the Pink Segment she wore such an adorable outfit - a chipper bumblebee adorned with the most suitable young and playful neon light wings! The girly tutu made her look like the cutest ballerina but with a teen punk edge with the detailing of stylish accessories such as leather fingerless gloves and super bright neon wedge heels. And her hair never looked better. Love the two-tone hair blend on her with the soft layers.

Chanel Iman, once again, doing her "thang" on the VS Runway. First she appeared in the opening segment and then she walked again in the final segment which is the VS Pink Segment similar to the final VS Pink Segment of last year with Katy Perry. This year VS Pink rocked it out with Nicki Minaj! I loved seeing Chanel Iman bursting with sheer joy as she walked down the runway singing along to the music like she was at her favorite concert appropriately dressed like a teen punk ballerina. Happy, happy ... joy, JOY!

.:boy, u got my heartbeat running away:.

VSFS 2011 Fitting: Chanel Iman