The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was held for the first time in London on December 2, 2014. The super fit models gleefully strutted down the runway at the Earl's Court Exhibition Centre in front of an audience of 3,000 who were all dressed in black-tie attire for the event. History was truly made with this lingerie extravaganza because soon thereafter the exhibition centre was demolished. The event touched the hearts of many and will remain as a cherished Victoria's Secret runway show location forever.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Model Lineup

17 April 2012

VSFS 2010: Emanuela de Paula ("Wild Things" Segment)

My favorite segment from the Victoria's Secret 2010 Fashion Show is the "Wild Things" Segment. Love the special highlight on Emanuela de Paula. The music was perfect with "Vox Populi" (or as some refer to this song as "Call to Arms") by 30 Seconds to Mars. Just a magical moment created on the Victoria's Secret runway that I will treasure always.

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15 April 2012

Victoria's Secret Swim 2010: Emanuela de Paula

Not only is Lais Ribeiro missing from the current Victoria's Secret Swim 2012 promo, but my favorite model in the whole wide world, Emanuela de Paula, is also missing. Arlenis Sosa instead is seen in the VS Swim 2012 promo. However, there is nothing wrong with taking a walk down memory lane to relish Emanuela de Paula in the VS Swim 2010 promo where she looked absolutely incredible. She also was featured in the VS Swim 2011 promo which I will cover in another blog post soon. But for now, enjoy Manu in this fabulous VS Swim pictorial from 2010. I am not sure if all of the photos were photographed by the world-renowned photographer Russell James, but surely the black and white photos were. He is a fabulous photographer and he captures Emanuela de Paula so beautifully!

And as photographed by Russell James: