The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was held for the first time in Paris, France on November 30, 2016. The super fit models gleefully strutted down the runway at the Grand Palais surrounded by luxury, histroy and an aura of romance and intrigue. Jasmine Tookes was honored with wearing the million dollar bra and oh how she sparkled and shined! Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and The Weekend were the musical guests. An extravanga for sure!

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Model Lineup


12 July 2012

VSFS 2011 "Super Angels" Segment: Karlie Kloss

When Karlie Kloss was introduced to the world as a Victoria's Secret Runway Model in 2011, she hit the stage with a strong presence by walking in 3 segments, getting to wear wings so soon and then closing the show. Not exactly fond of the outfit choices made for her (perhaps because she has such a lean, uncurvy body type that throws me off a little). She is a well respected and very popular American fashion model and seems to have a fun personality. Being young (only 19 years old) she mis-stated in the backstage interview that she felt as if she was going to knock Kanye over with her wings ... uh ... how so? When she was on the runway with Kanye during the Super Angels Segment, she had on a simple Joan Jetson-inspired costume with no wings or anything extending. Did I miss something or did she just want to say she wanted to knock Kanye over? Ha ha ... would not be surprised if she is not a fan of his. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls backstage, VSFS 2011 (love these two together!)